April 14th 2018 I went with several of my friends to the 2nd amendment rally in Harrisburg PA. There was roughly 500 people that I could see who showed up. We had several politicians advertise their pro gun stance and many everyday people step up to speak as well.

The 2nd amendment for those who don’t know is the part of the constitution that gives us power to defend ourselves from tyranny. It is not about hunting or anything else.

This is the United States 2nd amendment:

1st-10th Amendments (2)

Each state in the USA also has their own constitution which covers whatever the United States Constitution might have missed and/or elaborates or further defines the rights for those who live in that state.

1st-10th Amendments (10)

The Pennsylvania constitution has an article as well that protects our right to bare arms and does not give any stipulations beyond that. It simply states we as Pennsylvanians have the legal right to own firearms period.

Article I, section 21 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution states: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

We gathered at PA’s capital, April 14th 2018, to remind our government of this fact and to let them know we will not give up our rights without a fight.

Here is a slide show of the event:

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Over 80% of gun use is in defense and to the betterment of peoples lives according to Obama’s CDC research study. Only less than 20% of gun use is violent crime. So why would anyone want to swap those odds by restricting gun ownership and taking them away from law abiding citizens?


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