Today’s power is a stable 13.5 input right at the float mode line.


This is my wind turbine:


Today we need to adjust the support cables. Every winter the cables get cold and contract then in summer they heat up and expand. This causes the cable wires to need adjustment, either tighten or loosen some what depending on time of year. Bigger turbines don’t really have this issue as they have a heartier pole system.

Here is a look at the mid point cables where they attach to the turbine pole:


Here is a video of me making the adjustments and explaining why…

Here are the turnbuckles I was adjusting:



Next time I will need to lower the turbine to re position the cable ties so I can reset the turnbuckles. Over the years the cables have stretched enough for the turnbuckles to max out this time…


Here is my awesome wind turbine standing with coolness in my woods and a video of it spinning perfectly:


Hope you enjoyed this article šŸ™‚