Got my pontoon out of storage where it has been for 5 years now. Was happy to see it was still in good shape and the rodents had not damaged it. Everything was where I had left it however it took me and Addie forever to find the Minn Kota electric motor. It currently has a 30lb thrust motor but hope to eventually up it to a 50lb thrust. The reason I got it all out is because I wanted to see if it was still good. I have mentioned a few times that I wanted to go on a river trip next summer. Maybe the Mississippi River?

This boat can be paddled, motored, and even sailed. I don’t currently have a sail for it though. My neighbor has a sail that might work and I am hoping I might be able to buy it off her if it is usable. We shall see.

Here it is being assembled:

I purchased a long time ago, a float tube for electric motors that can be attached to the rear of most any watercraft. It is for taking the weight of the motor and battery off the pontoon. Even though the boat can support up to 400lbs, having the motor and battery supported by its own float makes the weight distribution and balance much better and gives for a more stable float. Plus it clears room for camp gear and/or your dog 🙂


I hope to get it registered here in PA this week and go for a day trip or two or three this summer. We also have two kayaks so Addie or friends can come along.