If you see something like this, avoid quickly, and do not mow it!

Seeing as I was previously perforated repeatedly by a bunch of crabby yellow jackets when I mowed back behind the fence several weeks ago, this time I mowed with more cautions.  I used the push mower/reel mower thing, so it would be quieter in case I could hear a bunch of angry mob yellow jackets if I did find another home base of theirs (I didn’t, I did).  I also kept an eye out for any suspicious flying objects, unidentified or identified, in case I did find another home base.

I did see a bunch of angry swarming creatures, and bailed on the lawn mower, and headed towards the house.

I got stung once, slapped a bit at the area with extreme prejudice and intent to cause grievous bodily harm, or in fact, death to whatever was stabbing my leg.  I’m not sure if I connected, or if it was a warning shot, stabbed in and then flown back to the swarm but I only got stung once, and nobody was hiding in my clothes this time.  I got inside with the dogs, and then took this video from inside through the side window.

I don’t like the idea of killing them but they’re inside the yard now, and I need to mow the lawn.  I also need to protect the dogs and cats who go in the yard, so we’ll have to see what can be done.

Just for the record, I don’t recommend mowing, standing on, stomping on, or even being near a yellow jacket nest.  They don’t seem to have much sense of discretion between hey, that’s the grass and plants getting mowed and someone intent on complete and total yellow jacket annihilation.  Too bad for both of us!