I have this nice Chevy Silverado V8 Z71 4×4 and it is in near mint condition. The frame is basically rust free. There is some bubbling rust on the rear quarter panels above the wheel wells though. In order to keep my truck in good shape and prevent rust from forming when I move up north to Michigan I went and got a special undercoating sprayed on.

Bob Ross and crew do a great job applying a protective coating to vehicles. They get inside the doors, hood, tailgate, wheel wells, basically everywhere water can get to and rust you out. And of course the entire undercarriage. They are really nice people too.

I took some pictures of their flier and handouts to show you here which better explain things. Also there are some pictures of them working on my truck…


Here is my truck getting treated. I will need to bring it back next year for a second coating but after that it should last for 7+ years saving me thousands of dollars in future rust repairs. I had a Toyota Tacoma that rusted out on me and that was expensive and not fun dealing with.



Afterwards they wash your vehicle for you and make sure it is all good to go. Keep iin mind it is going to drip for about 10 days and you will need to go to a car wash around day 10 to clean it once again. The truck also smells like french fries for about a month they say.



Here are the after care instructions…


That’s about it. I highly recommend these guys and gal. They did a great job. Very affordable specially considering the possible rusty alternatives.

Bob suggests getting this done early around June-July as they get really busy towards the end of the season with everyone wanting a last minute job.