So long as all goes well and no surprises pop up…

We are nearly finished with the purchase of our new duplex home. We just have to finish the final paperwork and hopefully close on it in a week or so. VA Home Loans are very slow moving.

It is a duplex home. Each side are identical mirror images. I don’t show pictures of the other side because we have renters already living there from previous owners on lease. We intend to keep them and continue their lease uninterrupted. They seem like nice people thus far. I’ve met some of the other neighbors as well and they all appear very friendly. The street seems quiet. The house was built in 1962 and for the most part is in good shape. It does require a little maintenance here and there but nothing major. We had an inspector go through the home and check everything to be sure on both sides.

Here are some pictures…

Each side has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, kitchen, living room, large basement, and a 1 car garage. Plus a fenced in backyard and a nice small front yard with 2 trees. It should be the perfect home for Addie and I to relax in as my Parkinson’s disease takes over. The dogs will be happy with the big fenced yard though not as happy as they were running the woods in Pennsylvania. It will be awhile before we have furniture to fill the home as we are coming from our tiny 12×20 off grid home to this huge by comparison 1250sqft home per side. We still own the property in Pennsylvania and currently are not selling it. Though should the right offer be made we might consider.

We are hoping we can be all settled and moved in by our 11th wedding anniversary which is October 31st 2018.

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