Our buddy Ralph is having trouble walking on the wood floors. And our rugs don’t stay put when the dogs and cats try to run etc…

So we decided we need to tack them down somehow without destroying the wood floors or buying and installing carpet. This is what we did…

Originally Addie tried the gripper cloth stuff which was a total fail. The brown material underneath the carpet steps.


Then we agreed to get the good stuff.


First we cleaned the stairs by sweeping and mopping them…


Then grabbed the scissors, tape, carpet strips and got to work…

And this is what we finished the stairs with,


A much neater and more effective approach.

Then we moved on to the hallway runners. We video recorded this one:


Now we go through the rest of the house and do the same to all the other rugs. Ralph is a much happier dog now that he can find some traction 🙂