I made 13 bean chili this week using 13 different kinds of beans of course and a pound of ground sirloin among other stuff also. I suppose you all would like the recipe so I will share it with you. Keep in mind I don’t actually measure things out. I go by sight and taste. A pinch here or dash there or scoop of that. So you will need a little experience with the ingredients to make this… ( There are lots of pictures though to help πŸ™‚ )

We start with the 13 beans…


I used about 1.5-2 cups roughly of beans and pre-soaked for 24hrs on the counter top. Then I drained and rinsed the beans. Added fresh water to just above the beans.


Then I simmered for roughly 2 hours on the stove until beans were soft. I added more water as needed to keep water above bean line about an inch. After they were softened I added the rest of the ingredients.


I added carrots, red bell pepper, radishes, purple onion, minced garlic about 3 tbsp, chili powder about 2 tbsp, and 16 ounces of tomato sauce (two 8 ounce cans). I also added some of my homemade spice mix which is a secrete. You can add what ever spices you prefer πŸ™‚

I chopped everything to the size I like, somewhere between chunky and fine. Then added it all at once to the beans. I added the spices after mixing the veggies in first. I feel it is important to have everything but the meat in before you add spices to ensure you don’t under or over spice it. The flavors from the veggies will alter the flavor you get if you do spices first. The meat can be used to thin out a strong flavor if you accidentally over spiced. Then you can go from there.

Stir everything up real nice and leave to simmer while you prep the sirloin.


I use 90% lean ground sirloin. Place in a frying pan with some water and cook. Use a spatula to break it up and mix with water so you make crumbles. Think taco meat style. When done strain off excess water and add meat to chili.


By this point the beans have soaked for 24hrs and the chili has been simmering with just beans for about 2hrs and with veggies for around 30-45 minutes and now will continue to simmer with meat added for about another hour or so. Plan on at least a total of 4 hours of having the pot on the stove simmering from start toΒ  finish. Remember to stir often through out the simmering process.

When it is done to your liking serve with cheese or whatever you want. I prefer to let sit over night and allow the flavors to meld.


Hope you enjoyed the blog. More to come πŸ™‚