Yesterday my steemit account value was $373 USD and today I wake up and it is:

steemit account value 11-22-2018.jpg

cash value steemit.jpg


So what is going on here???

Did Steemit members just become new millionaires and billionaires overnight bankrupting the world economy or did someone screw up placing a decimal point in the wrong place somewhere???

Cryptocurrency takes wild rides up and down the market regularly but this is ridiculous.

If I truly were a 100+ Billionaire I would start some college funds and certainly buy up lots of property in my area for various uses. My neighborhood could use a decent recreation center, grocery store, and gas station. I would most certainly start a long distant backpacking and biking scholarship as well for those wanting to backpack the long trails like the AT, PCT, CDT, NCT, and the many biking trails too.

what would you do if you were instantly a multi-billionaire?