We got the Swann security camera system from Lowes and are deciding how to go about installing it now. We are placing one camera in front yard, one in the backyard, and another on the side entry and driveway.

Here is a look at the cameras and stuff…


We cant really fit into the attic or use fish tape to run the wires through the roof. That would be the preferred way to get the cables where they need to go without drilling holes through walls etc… The easiest way would be to run cables inside the eaves to entry way of garage then drill a hole through the wall into the house. But I don’t want to drill through the brick wall if I don’t have to. So we are looking for the best way to run the cables currently. Even if we got a wireless setup we would still have the same issue with trying to run the power lines to the cameras so wireless wouldn’t be easier.

Here is a series of videos reviewing the security camera system and walking through the house determining how we may install them and the issues we may face with each version of install we may choose: