I made pumpkin spice flavored sugar cookies!

Here is all the stuff I used to create my edible master piece…


A video to get you started:


First I mixed the dry ingredients such as the cookie mix and pumpkin spice seasoning. I also added some white flour to harden the cookies for using with the cookie cutters.

Then in a separate bowl I mix the wet ingredients then add them to the dry mix.

Now I mixed it into a dough and cut my shapes then used a dowel to make holes in the middle.


Once cooked in oven for about 8 minutes at 350*F I remove and let cool for awhile.

Then arrange the order I want to stack them in…


Now comes the decorating fun… 🙂


After the cookie icing dries well enough the cookies get stacked on their dowel for display until eaten on Christmas day 🙂


And here is my Christmas Tree Cookie!