So my friends challenge me to eat spicy stuff because nothing yet has stumped me. Recently I was challenged to eat ghost pepper chips. They come in at near 1 million scoville units. Well they didn’t phase me and I ate them like normal Doritos. No problem!

Then a week or so later we found scorpion pepper salsa. So of course I had to try the salsa on the chips right?

The scorpions pepper salsa comes in at 1,473,000+ scoville units or round up to 1.5 million basically. I tried it on the ghost pepper chips and still not hot to me 🙂

I even broke out a spoon and ate it like soup. Not hot.

So what did I do to break a sweat? I added reaper pepper extract sauce called Flash Bang at a whooping 3.5 million scoville units.But if you want to see what happened then you got to watch the video 😉

Video was a live-stream event on my YouTube channel:

Hope you enjoyed the show!