Got a nice pot roast today just the way I like them.


Also got some veggies. Potatoes, celery, radishes, pearl onions, carrots, and some seasonings!

First I seared the roast on all sides then add into the crock pot,

Then shake on some seasoning- Garlic, cilantro, and basil…

Let cook on high in crock pot for about 2.5-3 hours.

Next up the veggies! I chopped some radishes and celery. Left the carrots, onion and potatoes whole…

Give a stir and let sit on high for maybe 2 hours. Then set to low once potatoes and carrots are to liking.

When everything is to your preference turn off the crock pot and enjoy!


I remove the roast to cut it up. Then have at it!


So that’s my pot roast in a slow cooker.