A friend of mine named Alina Ann Hendry wrote a novel!

Alina Ann Hendry

She worked very hard for a long time writing this and I would like to share her introduction of it with you all. Please be kind and check it out if it interest you. Let her know what you think.

Author Alina Ann Hendry:

    I was asked to describe my novel Elysian Empire Chronicles however I ran into a conundrum. How do I describe a thing without telling what it is like a game of charades. I thought over and over and then I decided I will describe it like this. It is a SciFi, fantasy that also is a mild LGBT romance. It has drama, comedy and depth of feeling and then I stopped. Looking at the page I realized I was missing it’s most important aspect. What it is and most importantly how did it affect me.

    It is a story, my heart and soul laid bare for the world to see. It is about 4 women living between two worlds and dimensions on planets with 10,000 years of history and vastly different cultures, technology, and ideals. However this is just the setting for the worlds that they live in. Worlds that they struggle to make a better place for their people. As time goes on these two worlds meet I shall not say how because that would be telling.

    However together they have new obstacles to solve and once again are faced with the great challenges of adversity. Eventually over time their connection grows and so does their love. At the end of this story is a message that I hope will enrich any reader that takes the time to read it. Through writing this work it touched me. Each character being apart of my soul made alive in front of me. Every word they said was my soul reflecting back onto itself.

    It changed my life, I examined what I was missing and what I could gain. The characters, my friends, my soul. Taught me that it is OK to cry and at times be weak and still have the capability to stand strong. You may notice that the author’s name is Tracy Linn yes this was the name I had however after such a profound change that banished fear and made me whole I see it as this. Tracy Linn is where I came from, the traumas in the past and the adversities I faced coming to today. This will be my pen name to always remind me of this.

    Alina Ann is the name of my main character. It means bright, beautiful and gracious. I learned so much from her and this is the part of my soul that I choose to be. Alina Ann is what I have become and what I strive to be in the future. A woman that is powerful, graceful, intelligent, kind and can cry and at times be weak because we all are human. It is sad to watch an adventure end. When I write I pack my bags, leave this world, and go on a grand adventure.

    When it is over I wave to them goodbye and go home. It is sad to not see them live in the moment however I take happiness in knowing that whoever picks up my books and read the pages that for a short time they live again in the minds of the reader. I hope that as the reader goes on this fantastic adventure that it touches and enriches their life as strongly as it had to me it’s writer.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to describe to you Elysian Empire Chronicles.

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