In today’s world everyone wants a drug to cure their ailment right that second. No one wants to take anything but. Because of this our medical system relies heavily on drugs to “heal” our sick despite the blatantly obvious out come. Usually these drugs are not what our body normally needs.

In the past people got along fine with the use of natural herbal remedies. People never built up immunity to them and they assisted our immune system not overriding it. This allowed for us to adapt appropriately to the changing environment. Usually the herbal remedies were nutrients that our bodies need anyway.


Many people die every year due to doctors misdiagnosing their patients and pumping them full of antibiotics their body never needed in the first place. They don’t take the time to investigate the ailment and tend to disregard many key signs and symptoms. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want to produce herbal remedies because there is not a growing want for them; therefore, the money isn’t good enough. They also know that if we went back to the old days of taking herbs we could naturally build immunity to many things that make us sick. This in turn would mean we would need less medicine of any kind; thus, the manufacturers would make less money.


I can speak from experience in that I have been refusing drugs for several years now and replacing them with herbals. Yes it was a bumpy start getting all the toxins of medical drugs out of my system, as well as, building up my immune system naturally from scratch. I have been doing this for so long now that I cannot remember the last time I ever got sick. I worked for a few years in an army hospital treating the sick, and have spent lots of time (years) around disease invested areas; yet, I never got sick or even had a single ailment of any kind. I see people getting sick around me all the time and I never do. This leads me to believe that my method (after years of testing) is the right way out of a bad situation.


The medical system needs sick people. Without them they would plummet financially. Money should not play a role in health care when it leads to taking lives instead of making them better.


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