Today we had a dinner party with our neighbors. Every other week my wife and I throw a party and invite the neighbors over for games and food. I made a homemade Thai Stir Fry this week.

Here is my stir fry vegetable ingredients…


I also tossed in some mini potatoes to:


I chopped the vegetables up while the noodles were cooking. Had the veggies in a stainless steel fry pan.



Added a touch of water and a lid to create steam and let stand for a few minutes then added the sauce.

I used a packet sweet & sour sauce…


While the veggies were steaming I scrambled the eggs…


By the time the eggs were done it was time to add them to the stirfry mix..


Mix it all up real good and let stand so everything can absorb the flavors and cool.

Then dish it up with the noodles and some cheese and viola!


And a glimpse at our party guests 🙂


We had a great time eating and playing Dominoes and other stuff tonight!