This week has been snow daily with 5-8 inches everyday nearly. Most of the roofs around here need shoveling due to the excessive weight.

Luckily I got mine done before our current blizzard today. But it still got snowed right back again…



My neighbor Leslie however, her roof needs replacing and the under boards are bad so the snow load is dangerously close to collapsing it (in my opinion). Didn’t get a picture of her roof with the snow but it had about 3 feet on the south side and 2 feet on the north side.

Sooo James and I went over this morning and he used the bobcat to push snow away from the front of her home while I got on roof and shoveled. Afterwards James joined me up top and we finished together.



I dared James to jump off into the snow and demonstrate what we call swimming up here in Michigan…

So that’s winter life in the U.P. of Michigan eh!