My friend who goes by Yooper4life on YouTube,

Sent me this:


Extremely Hot Peppers, Over 4.5 Million on the Scoville Scale, Authentic Ghost Pepper, Jays Peach Ghost Peppers, Yellow Pot 7-Brain Strain, Long White Scorpion Peppers, Scotch Bonnet Peppers.

Found here:

So of course I ate it!

I made my version of shepherds pie. First got some ground beef and tossed it in my nonstick fry pan.


Next up are the spices. I add Garlic, Yellow Curry, and of course the Caribbean Suicidal Pepper Spice!


Then I added some potatoes and corn and some water. I use water instead of oil almost always when stir frying. I find I don’t need oil because the foods I use have enough naturally.



Now stir then cover and let simmer for awhile.


When you notice the water has mostly but not all steamed off then raise lid and give a good stir. Let stand for a few minutes then serve preferably with shredded cheese 🙂


Only thing left is a video of me eating it so here you go…

Hope you enjoyed the show!!!