Sooooooo! First grab some kids! I don’t have any of my own here so I got some from Hailey my neighbor. She assured me her kids love play dough and were experts at making it. Lets see if that’s true!

They came right over in their chef aprons with recipe in hand…


Finnly 3 years old and Georgiana 5 1/2 years old…

This is the recipe they like to use: (Finnly gets hungry Georgie says)


I grab them some bowls, spoons, and ingredients and they get right to work measuring, mixing, and making the magic happen…

First the flour.

Then the salt.

And of course their favorite coolaid packet! (sugar free) Adds color and sniff-ability!

Now for the oil.

Some hot water to mix it all up right.

Now get in there and kneed that dough mister!



Now repeat for as many colors as you want!


And of course I am sure it goes without saying what comes next. But that’s another story…