I am getting my small garden started indoors right now by sprouting some seeds using a mini greenhouse and my hydroponics setup. I am also using a normal soil garden setup too.

To start with I got this small Herb garden kit.


It comes with cilantro, parsley, oregano, and chives.

There are these four hockey puck style soil things that expand a lot when water is added too…


More then enough to fill the pots it came with.

Hailey and Finley sort the Herb seeds and plant them. I hang the shelf…

Next we prep the hydroponic setup. Awhile ago we planted some micro greens to learn how hydroponics worked and to see if we could grow stuff. Well it did and we can!


So we combined all the micro greens to three of the pots and tossed in some more seeds. Then we prepped the fiber mesh stuff for seed starting the new plants. The mesh must be soaked in water for 10 seconds…

Hailey planted the seeds. We started more of the Herbs: cilantro, chives, oregano, & parsley. Plus hot and mild micro greens. And of course some tomatoes and peppers…


Here they are all planted in their little greenhouse, and the hydroponics planters arranged too…


Addie is attempting to re-grow store bought celery. That’s the stuff in the bowl on the left on the hydroponics setup. It is the end pieces of the celery stalks.


And here is a look at the plants and seedlings about a week later!!!


Soon I will have some special order pepper seeds from my friend in Canada. He has some Ghost peppers and other really hot stuff he is sending me that he has been growing for awhile. When they arrive I will show a blog of getting them started as well.

Hope you enjoyed the show. 🙂