My hydroponics system and other plant setups are doing great. Today we are transplanting lots of seedlings to pots and planters. We are also starting new pepper seeds.

My seedlings:

Peppers, parsley, oregano, & tomato.

My friend Hailey and her kids help me setup my self watering planter for my pepper plants…


This setup ensures you don’t over water your plants as it has a reservoir at the bottom with an overflow valve. The roots grow down to the underground water the same way wild plants do in the forest basically.

So next we planted the tomato plants.




I had one Pepper seedling left so we got that into a pot also…


My friend from Canada sent me some pepper seeds. I got Yucatan white habanero, Yucatan yellow habanero, Scotch bonnet, Jamaican red mushroom pepper, banana pepper, and Chocolate ghost pepper. These are the ones I planted today. I also got paprika and Brazilian starfish but didn’t plant those yet. Not enough cloth pots or space currently.



Now we moved the herbs over. I have oregano, parsley, and cilantro going at the moment. My chives don’t seem to want to grow.

My microgreens are doing great both in the soil pots and the hydroponics setups.


We are regrowing celery from the old left over stalk from store bought celery…


I placed a cage around the potted seedlings and added a grow light. The cage is to keep the cats away who enjoy eating the baby plants…


So there you have it. That’s my food garden so far.

Here is a look at our regular house plants we are growing to. I don’t really know what exactly they are but they are fun and my wife Addie can answer questions about them if you really want to know later. Some are above water and some are underwater plants…


Thanks for stopping by 🙂