The float inside our toilet tank stopped working properly. It wasn’t rising up to shut the water fully off anymore. So we replaced it and documented the process in case someone has the same need but doesn’t want to hire a plumber for a simple task.


First we inspected the insides to ensure what parts we needed.


Then we shut the water off and removed the line to the tank. Be sure to flush the toilet after shutting off water to empty tank and have a bucket to catch the remaining water.


Now disassemble the float stand. Compare to new one. They may look different but what is important is size and function.

We get the kind that you can adjust your water level with.


Assemble the new one the same way the old one was before you took it out. Don’t forget the rubber seal on the thread and to reconnect the hose if needed.


Now reattach the water line to the tank and slowly turn water back on. Tank should fill and no leaks. See your new float stands box for how to adjust water level as they are different sometimes.


Test by flushing and watching what happens.

Tank should empty and fill then shut completely off.

So there you have it. If you need to change the flapper, it just pops off the base of the pipe stand and disconnect the chain. Then attach new one. Sometimes with hard water they just need cleaning.