The fence we originally had was old and worn out for some of it. So I built a new one and repaired what needed repairing. I started by getting a permit and calling the utility company to come mark the ground for buried stuff. Then I found my corner markers for my property and marked a rough outline of what I wanted.


I tore down the bad portion of the old fence and got the neighborhood kids to move the scrap and other stuff out of the way for me.


Then my neighbor James and I dug post holes and set 4×4’s about 8 feet apart. We used 10 foot posts buried 3 feet deep at corners with concrete. Then 8 foot posts buried 2 feet deep for the rest. We got the 4×4’s from Lowe’s. Caleb filled in the concrete.




I went to a local lumber mill and bought a couple bundles of rough cut throw-aways for $40 per bundle. A friend loaned me his trailer to pick up the wood.


Once the poles were set my friends and I built the framework and started adding the slats. This took about 3 days as we did it between storms and when we had time.


When we finished the fence then my friend/neighbor Larry helped build a couple gates.

Next we trimmed the fence down to 6 feet high. Larry, Bob, and Addie did the trimming while James and I supervised.


That left a lot of scrap wood laying on the ground for my minions to earn candy picking up for me.


And now I have a good fence my community of friends helped me build.

Check back later to see what we made with some of the extra wood…