12 Years Ago Halloween Addie And I Got Married!

Addie (7)

In 2006 Addie and I started dating 3 days before Halloween officially. I was a smoker at the time and asked her to move in with me. She said she didn’t want to live with a smoker. That very moment I had my last cigarette and gave them to a friend who was there. The first week of November 2006 Addie moved in with me. I haven’t had a smoke in 13 years now.

We dated for a year. During that time Addie went to Army Basic Training for the National Guard. We wrote each other and talked on the phone. Her mom and I drove to her graduation ceremony in South Carolina at Ft. Jackson the same place I did basic at in 1995.

While she was at basic I sent her a Taco Bell hot sauce packet I cleaned out and laminated. It said “Will you marry me?”.


Obviously she said yes.

We got married in the Marquette County Court House at 8:30am on Halloween in 2007 wearing pajamas. YES PAJAMAS! Everyone was directed to come wearing whatever they slept in. We had lots of bubbles as well. Bubbles everywhere through the court house. Addie and I still have the pajamas we hand made for our wedding day. But not many pictures.

Here are this years costumes…



Last night we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary at our house with 16 of our friends. We had a good time eating cake and playing games and talking etc.


We have had some troubles over time. Mainly with my physical injuries from Army and my developing Parkinson’s Disease. But Addie has stood by me and not given up. She works hard taking care of me.

I’m sure she knows I love her but just in case she hasn’t heard it in a few hours:


I may not live to make it another 12 years but I promise to give you all the years I have left!

Addie’s version of how we met…