I am running for my township board trustee this year. It is a 2 year office. I have been doing tons of things in the community the past year such as: secret santa, building fitness trails, hosting community events, built a picnic green space, started first annual community cardboard sled race, and tons more. I also am responsible for the great changes in my neighborhoods HOA while sitting interim on that board. I even got most of the local organizations and committees to video their meetings and post them for those who can’t go.

So now many of my friends and community members have asked me to run for township office this year so I thought I would give it a shot.

If you live in Forsyth Township I hope you will vote for me Ryan Lipinski.

I intend to work towards uniting all the communities within Forsyth Twp. Ensuring everyone gets equal treatment. And I intend to bring many more events to our town.

94128042_1128391284171695_7805732628140654592_nRyan's Election Pin