I splurged on a new roof this summer. Our old one was gravel and rotting away in some areas. It wouldn’t of lasted much longer. I am sure it was leaking as well. Now however it should be good for 30+ years. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is what it looked like with the gravel. The lower section was done about 3 years ago in rubber and works awesome in winter throwing the snow off.


roof (1)roof (2)

After raking and sweeping off all the loose gravel and inspecting the dry rot etc. the roofers started repairing sections that needed new wood. They rebuilt most of the overhang where ice damns had rotted the wood. The gravel was recycled into my backyard along the wall of the house.

roof (3)roof (4)roof (5)roof (6)

A lot of scrap and garbage to clean up. They did a good job at keeping it contained.

roof (7)

Next up is laying down the 1.5 inch thick foam board. This protects the rubber and insulates the home pretty nicely.

roof (8)roof (9)roof (10)

After the foam board is screwed into place the rubber is laid out and measured. Then they roll on some glue to the foam and rubber then let set for a moment before applying to each other.

roof (11)roof (13)roof (12)roof (14)roof (15)

After the rubber is applied to whole roof they replaced the trim and such to the overhang and underside. Then do the vents.

roof (16)

And that’s my new roof! The lower section was just over $7000 and the upper section was $9600. Well worth the savings I will get from not having to repair damage from a leaking roof.

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