A couple of kids around 7 years old decided to damage one of my book kiosks. So I decided to get them to build a new one from scratch so they would learn how much work goes into each mini library box.

I taught them how to use the power tools, measure, draw plans, and paint etc.


First we cut out all the parts using a circular saw and a table saw.


Then we assembled them with a screw gun.


One of the older boys who helps me a lot with different projects showed up to help as well. He assisted the kids with various things and cut the plexiglass.


While waiting for a replacement drill we went ahead and installed the kiosk. This made the rest of the job easier.


Next up we painted it. The kids chose the design and the colors. They planned out how they wanted it to look.


I install these book kiosks all over my neighborhood and people donate books to them. Another friend insures they stay stocked and rotated. Anyone can come take a book or leave a book. It’s a free program. Each kiosk is sponsored by one or more people from the community. This particular kiosk will go in front of the young kids house and they will be responsible for its care. I’m hoping now that they understand the amount of work and effort that goes into these things that they will be more respectful to others. They are good kids, I just think they get bored sometimes and looking for something to do.