I was injured while serving in the Army which lead to me needing constant physical therapy for my back problems and TBI. I later developed Parkinsonisms most likely due to my head injury. I need to stay physically active as much as possible in order to keep my body from getting worse pain wise and to help slow the process of Parkinsons which I am currently in stage 3 of 5. Many studies have been done of different ways to combat this disease. One of which is bicycling. I have always been big on biking and now it seems to be paying off tremendously by helping to combat my illness. The Veterans Affairs hospital’s physical therapist and neurologist strongly suggest biking for my health. So much that they went as far as to purchase me an ICE Adventure recumbent trike specially modified to make it easier for people with my medical issues. I’ve ridden all over my home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and strongly believe that with the right assistance I could ride across America on the TransAm bike route. I have gotten the OK from my Veterans Affairs doctors and I have received one donation from a local community business for $1000. Based on previous trips and reviewing others who have taken this same bike route, it will cost between $3,000 to $4000 to complete. It should take between 60-70 days to ride it though I intend to not rush and take in the adventure. I hope to spread the word that despite my injuries and Parkinson’s disease it is still possible to get out and do things. Maybe with any luck I can encourage others to get out there and do something despite their medical conditions. I spend most of my time as the volunteer recreation coordinator for my community and put on all kinds of free events for my township and surrounding area. I am constantly organizing fun things for everyone else and hope that maybe this time I can do something for myself. 

Here is the link to my gofundme page. Please share this link wherever you can or donate if you would like to help.