Thanks to help from my friends this website will be upgraded in a few days to BUSINESS CLASS and I will be able to upload my videos on Off Grid Living. Addie and I will start by uploading videos on how we got to where we are now, and show the initial process such as our cabin arrival and us clearing the living area in the woods. We will also post our suggestions and tips on how to go Off Grid. We will progress towards showing videos of our different setups that make our life easier living off grid and show some things that were necessary to do in order to be government friendly, as in keep them off our backs, like our grey water evaporation system. We recently installed a ram pump to bring water into the cabin. This is awesome because now we no longer need to haul water by hand — look forward to seeing the series on that if you haven’t been following along on YouTube.

We intend to transition from YouTube to here on WordPress over the next few months and eventually do less on YouTube. My wife Addie and I have decided that our own website would be a better forum to share our lifestyle and our thoughts and ideas with the world. Here we don’t have the issues you might face on other social media networks and we can run the site as we see fit.

We hope you enjoy following along with us and interacting with the community we hope to build here over time.

We will be adding new videos to this site regularly along with pictures and occasionally written blogs. If you have any requests, comments or related topics you would like to share, then please do not hesitate to pass them on. I ask that you remember this is a family website and we would like to keep it that way.

I would like to also recognize other Off Grid Families on our website, should they not mind. So if you know of any who are doing an AWESOME job and sharing their life then please share their links with us here… (please ask them first before doing so)