Addie says: Due to technical difficulties and with much apologies, we must inform you the picture taken on this day were lost.  However, we can provide a dramatic reenactment as a replacement.  These are real people, not actors!

It was a dark and stormy night!  A squawk rang out!  A basket was filled…. also heard was the “fwooop” noise of an umbrella hat….and actually it was more like evening than technically “night”… Addie had just gotten back from her jog and Kyle-dar was going off in the near-red zone (Translation: a storm was coming, with thunder a-plenty). And before Addie and Doc were able to rush outside and get this Egg-A-Day started, the rain started…and continued…and well, kept going more and more.

So it was rather a squelchy journey, and despite the Camouflage Umbrella Hat, I suspect Doc got a bit wet.  Addie (me) got a lot wet.  The eggs got damp, the basket got damp.  But despite all that, we did manage to locate an absence of egg in the old barrel where Lacey often lays.  The dependable and slightly offbeat Nutters did put her egg under the shrubby thing (what I think is a juniper we rescued from being discarded).  Inside the feed shed, tucked in the oh-so-comfy (haha) looking nest the girls have created beside the feed buckets —  which is oh so much better than both of those official nesting boxes we must conclude– in the feed shed there were two eggs of a greenish blue cast and mediumish size. (Yes I admit, I use ish a lot when I don’t feel comfortable saying something is decidedly one thing or another).

And upon a bit of awkward posturing and peering, bending and peeking, an egg was discovered in the sawdust in the reddish olive barrel. And I made some re-discoveries, such as how sticky sawdust is when you’re wet, and confirmation that water will wick along any available piece of fabric.

Dividing and conquering, Addie ran to the run, and struck out in the nesting box, while Doc dashed to the little coop and was rewarded for his diligence and determination with a discovery of two eggs, a Pixie egg and probable Bubble egg…. which means an attractively petite almost spherical ping-pong ballesque creamy barely light tan Jordan almond egg and a sturdy and egg shaped pastel olive drabish greenish egg of a larger medium size.  The chickens were all cleverly in the coop, where no egg was discovered behind the door nor was an egg discovered in the nesting box (surprise, surprise…).  The eggs and basket were brought to the run, and a group photo was taken of them all posing nicely in their basket, and basket, eggs, Doc and I returned inside.  Since the eggs had all been pretty well wetted, they were not entered into the rotation of “use the oldest first” but were moved to the front of the line, where some of the six collected were used on the dog’s dinner kibbles, some were given to the cats, and some were added to Addie’s noodle dinner.  This was all done pretty promptly so when the discovery of the difficulty dawned upon us we were unable to even rectify the situation with a replacement group shot…

And that’s how y’all got saddled with this to read!  Thanks for viewing!