This is another homesteading type blogging website that you all might be interested in. They share similar ideas as we do BUT they have some different topics. Most of their topics are on things I don’t know anything about!

Which is WHY you NEED to go check them out IF you want to get a well rounded “edu-ma-cation” in homesteading fundamentals 101 ! ! !


They share a lot about engine building and mechanic stuff. They also are into snowmobiles and such. They do gardening, canning, cooking, home crafts and DIY stuff, and YES they have stuff on solar power too…

Be sure to check out their RECIPES for some great yums and cool non-edible stuff too…

My favorite thing about them is their hot water system: (linked video so all stats etc… goes to them šŸ™‚ )

Here are some screen captures of their website:

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So get over there and take a look ! ! !