Here is a look at what I am going to be wearing while I hike the Appalachian Trail (AT).

First is a video of how I am protecting my clothing and self from tics and other bugs…



Now here are a series of pictures of the clothing I will be wearing. I didn’t display 2 pairs of underwear, 1 pair under armor  long johns, and 1 thin pair of under armor gloves. But the rest I do show. I am basically taking 2 complete outfits plus 1 extra pair of socks.


This is the Nimbus Trace backpack donated to me by Granite Gear. I will be using this for the entire hike. I have found that by using the Sawyer spray on my backpacks that I don’t get bugs or critters inside them. I have seen other hikers get mice inside their packs when staying in the AT shelters even when they are set right next to mine. The critters chew holes in their packs to get in. However my pack has always been left alone as if it is dangerous to them. So I have often asked others about how they protect their packs and they say they don’t. I suggest using the Sawyer spray and have heard back from hikers that tried it who say that they never again had an issue with critters in their backpacks. So perhaps that is why. I am sticking with what has worked…


I am taking a down vest made by Gerry for cold days and nights in April and May. I also am taking a pair of Jacks-R-Better down sleeves. This setup allows me to adjust for the temps to keep me just right thermally.


I will be using this Mountain Hardware jacket for the whole trip for those chilly evenings and early mornings in the mountains.


To start out I will be using these two shirts. 1 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve. They are a generic brand from Walmart but very light weight and comfy.


2 pairs of Mountain Hardware pants that zip off into shorts and are very water resistant. These pants will keep you cool and dry in a mist. If it is raining don’t worry they dry super fast within minutes of walking in them once the sun comes out.


3 pairs of Darn Tough bran socks. One pair for each outfit and a spare to cycle through. They are expensive but they treat your feet great and last for a long time.


Merrell hiking shoes are the best in the world as far as I am concerned. There are no better that match my feet. These are super water resistant while maintaining breathe-ability which is very important when it comes to not getting blisters.


Next up are my Outdoor Research ankle gators. This will be my first time actually using gators. I got really tired of rocks getting in my shoes when hiking in shorts and mud getting all over my pants near the shoes when it rains or has rained. So I decided to get a pair and try them out. Will they make it to the end? Who knows, but I will keep you informed.


And of course my U.S. Army Veterans hat. It is my favorite hat and I wear it a lot. It would be cool if it were to complete the trail with me.


As mentioned in the beginning video everything was protected using three bottles of Sawyer Permethrin spray. It is the best at keeping mosquitoes and tics and biting flies away. It is applied only to clothing, gear, and tents etc… Do NOT apply to skin. It only needs to be applied once per season depending on how often you wash your stuff. Each bottle does about one outfit which includes shoes, socks, pants, shirt, jacket, hat, with a little bit left over depending on how thick you apply it. I do a heavy coat for my backpacking trips.

So that’s it. Stay tuned for a price list of my gear and what the final packing list is coming soon…