As you all know I leave this weekend to head to Georgia to start my AT Hike. I will officially hit the trail Monday morning (supposedly in a major rain storm 😦  ). Every Saturday I will be posting weekly updates LIVE from the trail.

These update articles will include:

  • Pictures and perhaps a video or two from that week.
  • I will tell you about how I am doing thus far.
  • I will also share with you the next set of shelters or campsites I intend to be staying at the following week. (when possible)

You can take the list of shelters I will be staying at as I post them then head over to this website:



At this website you can simply find any information you need or want to know about the Appalachian Trail Shelter whose name you click on 🙂

AT website trail shelters 3

AT website trail shelters 4

This is how you can follow along with me in as close to real time as I can give you. Also you can use this other google map to see the entire trail and all the shelters and campsites along the way as well as much more information to use in following along with me.

Appalachian Trail (google map):

AT Shelter Map 1

AT Shelter Map 2

Using these two websites you should be able to see the terrain I am crossing and the environment and weather etc… I am dealing with as I hike the next six months on this trail.

If you wish to meet up with me you can contact me via email using the CONTACT button found at the top left corner of my website


I can only guarantee my approximate position on the trail one week in advance.

Here is a look at a basic AT shelter found on the trail…

20090318_App Trail_1674

You can see lots of pictures of different AT shelters by googling “Appalachian Trail Shelters” then click “images”.

However I intend to use my ENO Hammock as seen here:

hammock and tarp (3)

So look forward to seeing weekly updates from the trail. They should be posted every Friday or Saturday with any luck 🙂

I will be replying to any comments/emails throughout the week as I have time between articles postings.