Since I have left Catawba VA I have had an interesting time. I hiked 14-18 miles a day to get to Buchanan VA. I ran into some highschool kids who were out for a overnight hike and were clueless about trail and campsite eticacy. They were very loud and kept the whole campsite up all night. They asked me where the trash cans were and when I said there are none you have to take it with you they decided to throw it in the privy.

After they left the trail was awesome! The views at tinker cliffs were great. Hopefully my pictures do it justice. Then I hiked through some nice forest to get to Daleville VA about 20 or so miles from Catawba VA. There I stayed at the Howard Johnson hotel.

The next day I hiked to the first shelter out of town then in the morning I hiked all the way to Buchanan VA. That was all planned to take me 3-4 days but was done in 2 basically.

I walked a portion of the way along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It follows the AT trail for a few miles. That is a small reason why I was able to get so far so fast and get so many great photos of the vistas.

I met some AWESOME dogs here at Middle Creek camp grounds.