This has been a very long and trying couple of weeks. The weather has been a bit stormy and it’s getting colder. The Darn Tough socks fiasco was crazy and I almost quit. But I have stuck it out and only have about 800 miles left to go.

I have better socks now and brand new shoes to enter New York with tomorrow. This will be my first time EVER in New York! Despite what some may claim πŸ˜‘

I should arrive in Southfield NY Sunday July 30th or Monday July 31st. The NY trail section looks pretty rough.

I posted a picture of the information for the hostel I am staying in tonight in Unionville NY. Mosey is the owner and is awesome.

Also posted the shuttle information for Wind Gap to.

There are several fun pics as well for you to enjoy 😁

As of current I intend to complete this 2200 mile journey from GA to ME!