I’m hoping to do a large catch-up of the backlog of photos.  So the plan is to work this as a draft for a while (although you won’t see it until it’s not a draft anymore) and I’m going to put as many of the backlog of the “not what’s that” pictures in, as well as place/time holder example pictures from the “what’s that” style pictures, so there’s a context to those pictures as well, and you can see some of the other things I was up to without seeing the whole glob of pictures of one thing. (ok, that was the plan, but I think it’s time to post it and start a new big dump… so I’m posting this Sept. 8)

So here we go, starting with big blops of pictures, then I’ll add the text.

July 29, the second group of released onions and garlic, as well as the hazel nut progress, then a movie in the darkness…the odd noises in the background are the best my camera can do in picking up the sounds from the burger festival thingy about 6ish miles away as the crow flies…sometimes I can actually make out the lyrics of the songs, but usually it’s the general blur of songs…and it seems like it’s nearly as loud or louder than it is at the festival, but I still don’t know how people can stand to be at “ground zero” without going deaf with an accompanying migraine!


Here’s some fun stuff from July 30!  This is the Run With The Deerflies, I did the 25K, there were a lot less people doing that than the 15K (not unusual).  It was a BLAST, I loved it!  I loved the shirt too, ’cause being from Wisconsin for most of my life, I’m a bit of a dairy nut… and the back of the shirt is so fun!  Powered by Milk!  And they had… Chocolate Milk… yes, that’s CHOCOLATE MILK as one of the numnums at the end of the race (and Dunkin Donuts …but I don’t really like their stuff, or Krispy Kremes for that matter… dunno why but I’ll eat like grocery store donuts before either of the other designer brands… I also prefer cake donuts). If my math is correct, 25K is about 15 miles, and my goal was to do it in less than 3 hours… and in this case, not get seriously lost repeated like last year… There were only 2 instances in which I took about 6 steps making sure I was or was not on the correct trail this year, and I know I did the whole thing, so hooray.  I did make it just under 3 hours, and since last year I got totally lost at least twice, ran a lot of the course twice doubling back to figure out where I went wrong, and a lot of us missed a good 2 or more mile section of the trail, I wasn’t sure what to think of my time last year… which was about 40 minutes faster than this year, and I am pretty sure I may be a tad heavier but not that much less in shape.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I felt better after the race than last year.  The river crossing was fun this year, they had a rope across the dam’s spillway because it was above knee depth or so (depends on how tall you are, and what rocks you stand on), and that was fun.  I think some people had trouble with it because they had trouble with the rope  The keys I found (based on guesswork and on some of the stuff we learned in a few of my rec classes at college) to 1: be downstream of the rope, facing it and facing upstream, as well 2: as to make sure before you start to cross and while you cross, you keep the slack out of the rope by going downstream as far as the rope will let you while you travel (so then when you do need it’s support, you don’t have 18 inches or more of slack to take up before you can get any tension on the rope), and 3: walk sideways so you’re bracing against the current more naturally and not getting twisted or turned and you’re not trying to keep the rope to your left or right, you keep it in front of you (not behind you, so if you do fall you don’t get tangled in it!).

It was super fun, and there had been a lot of rain in the recent past, so there was quite a bit of mud in some places… there were a few of us who took a few slips.  I fell 2 1/2 times, (1/2 means I stumbled but didn’t touch knees to the ground), and one of them gave me a bit of a cut to the knee,,, it bled a tiny bit while I ran (a few drips max) which I was fine with so the cut cleaned itself… so far I have a pretty robust immune system so I figured I wasn’t going to freak about it, and cleaned it when I got home.  My feet and shoes did fine too, except being wet, I did develop hot spots on the pad of my ball of my foot, and they eventually blistered a tad when I got home, but they weren’t too painful even while I was running.  And the last picture is an oddly oriented picture of my non-cut knee, which was a tad scraped… But overall, I was super happy.  I had fun last year, and this year was even better!


Still July 30 plants, most of them were found over at the Seph Mack Boy Scout Camp before or after the 25K I enjoyed ( ^_^ chocolate milk!!!).  I think the nutlet thingies might be ironwood?  More boneset, and that honeysuckle plant I have been trying to find after I wanted to take pictures.  I’ll be posting more of them for sure (and other ID needing items) in my to identify page, but I am pretty sure it’s one of those invasive honeysuckles from Asia.  Also, an interesting oak tree because the leaves are less shaped like oak leaves I’m used to but has the tell tale sort of oak color/texture/tip on the leaf, as well as (spoiler alert!) acorns!  Also, one of those beetles I think is a dog bane beetle, and then what I thought was a leaf hopper but I think turned out to be a spittle bug?  …agian, they’ll probably be in the to be ID’d section.


And after I got home from the 25K, I finally heard back from the animal refuge about a foster for Jezza! So before I could have any emotional panic moments, I bundled him up into the travel crate and headed out to drop him off at the foster place… More on that on his page!




Starting August 1: Milkweed and some yellow flower (a kind of goldenrod, maybe?), one of the Great Mow Events which whacked a good deal of the plants I was keeping a peek on, the sideways picture (landscape, but with down to the left) is some sort of Joe Pye weed I think, some more butterflies, a type of clover, wood sorrel (I am pretty sure), and a pink flower I’m trying to figure out.


August 2: some Colt’s Foot, Kyle “getting wet”, a strawberry plant, two types of what I suspect are St. John’s Wort, a butterfly (NOT a monarch, I’m pretty sure it’s a Viceroy!), and some more pictures of what I’m pretty sure is Boneset (one of the several kinds of plants given that name…).


Aug 4, a caterpillar.  I’ll be adding the pictures I have of this to my Lepidoptery page, and one day I might figure out what it is.


I’m going to post this and keep putting pictures into their sorted destinations.  Thanks for checking out this post!