This is how you bake cake using two pots, a cookie cutter, and a camp stove. The process is called wet baking or steam baking. It follows the similar concept of double boiling. It makes awesome and moist cakes every time and is nearly impossible to mess up.

Start by buying your mix of choice:

wet baked cake (2)


Then gather two backpackers pots and a camp stove, a cookie cutter, some water and a spoon:

wet baked cake (1)wet baked cake (4)wet baked cake (3)wet baked cake (5)





Use the smaller pot and spoon to combine the water and cake mix:

wet baked cake (6)wet baked cake (7)



Now take the cookie cutter and place inside the larger pot and fill water to top of cookie cutter:

wet baked cake (8)


Place small pot with cake mix in it inside of bigger pot centered on the cookie cutter:

wet baked cake (9)


The cookie cutter keeps the two pots separated so the inner pot can be evenly heated all around bottom and sides by the steam from the water.

Now carefully set on camp stove and let cook until done. Usually takes about 12-15 minutes:

wet baked cake (10)


And you are done. Because it is steam baked there might be a little moisture on top of the cake but it wont affect it and will dry off once removed to cool:

wet baked cake (11)wet baked cake (12)



Next time you are in the back country or on a hike you can impress your friends and family with fresh baked CAKE!

Works with basically any type of bread mix…