I do a lot of outdoor survival stuff. Lots of bush crafting. And simply use the same knife for everything from building a shelter in the forest to cutting my steak at the dinner table. By using one knife for all my daily needs I become very attuned to it. My handling of it becomes very efficient and I learn everything possible about the knife. Every grain in the metal, every scratch, where it is best balanced, just how many strokes to perfection of edge with stone, and much more is learned.

This is my current knife and it is by far the best knife I have ever owned:

Gerber Profile Fixed Blade Knife 4″ Drop Point 5Cr15MoV Black Stainless Steel Blade Rubber Handle Black


I also own it in this model:


I only wish that I had the skill set or knew someone with the skill set to create the knife of my dreams. The design below is my idea of a perfect knife for my daily needs. One day I hope to get this made…

Full tang, 1 solid flat piece of metal from end to end, not pieced together or rat tailed-

Handle length: 4 ½-5 inches-

Handle sides/skins: something good for sweaty hands and cold wet environments-

Blade length: 3 ½-4 inches-

Chisel tip width: 3/8 inch and sharpened-
Tip of blade should look like a trapezoid with all three sides fully sharpened-
Back side of blade at chisel tip sharpened from tip towards handle 1st ¾ inch only-

(just like this)

chisel tip

Blade should be at least ¼ inch thick or better-


At top of handle on back side of blade needs to be sharply squared for Ferro rod striking-

Should be able to spark-

Bearing cup in right side of handle for bow drill, cup width: 1/2 inch-


Straight edge blades only NO serrations-

Pommel end of knife should be flat screw driver head like with rounded corner edges , for prying and 5/8 inch wide dull & stick out from handle about 3/4 inch- (similar to this)

RC3PM - Copy
Sheath preferred: kydex 1st choice, or dark leather 2nd choice-

Combining these designs would help create the size, shape, and blade I’m looking for. Hopefully I can get it made some day…