After doing my first ever through hike on the AT 2017 I have only these 12 things to say…
1.) Don’t go ultralight… try to stay within 15-20 pounds before food and water
2.) Take a good trail map, i suggest the companion maps for the awol guide. also take the awol guide on pdf
3. NEVER QUIT ON A BAD DAY!!! wait until a good day to decide to quit if you are having a bad day.
4.) Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks or is doing or their speed. HIKE YOUR OWN HIKE! and let others do the same.
5.) Don’t get caught in the party voids.
6.) Go to trails days in damascus in May. ive been the last 3 yrs and will be there this year 🙂
7.) Take quality gear it is worth the few extra bucks in the end to have gear you are not replacing every 100 miles.
8.) Just because shoes look good doesn’t mean they are good after 400 miles CHANGE OUT SHOES! don’t hurt your feet.
9.) Dress warm in GA, NC, TN, and some time in VA change to summer clothes then in NY start thinking about cold weather clothes again.
10.) NJ-NY is FULL of mosquitoes by the swarms that might just carry you away. have bug nets ready 🙂
11.) Protein and fresh fruit and don’t eat freeze dried whenever you can avoid it. you will feel better.
12.) Most important thing of all to remember… YOU ARE THERE TO HAVE FUN ! ! !

And one to grow on… Remember MRS. JANET IS ALWAYS RIGHT! If you hike the AT you will learn who she is quick.