This is a look at some of the things I am doing or adding to my bike to make my trip easier and more fun.

My bike came with these slick tread street tires:

bike stuff (8)

I had a hard time with traction on the rails to trails bike paths using these tires so I swapped them out for a more general purpose tire tread:


I added some extra protection from punctures and such by installing a thick tire guard between the tire and inner tube. This should greatly increase the life of my inner tubes:

bike stuff (4)


Here is a look at my two bike cameras and my Magellan bicycle GPS. One camera goes on handle bars and the other on my bike trailer. My GPS is programmed with my bike routes for the entire trip. The cameras are a ION Air Pro and a Vivitar sport cam.

bike stuff (2)


It is always a possibility that my bike may need to be worked on along the way. So I have gathered a select tool set and some spare parts. These items I feel will be needed to make repairs or adjustments well enough to get me to the nearest bike shop if needed:

bike stuff (1)

I am taking spare brake and gear cables. A set of brake pads. Tire flat kit containing patches, tire levers, CO2 pump, and regular pump. I have a multi-tool, spoke wrench, and Allen wrench set also. Some chain lube to keep the rust out along with a spare replacement chain link and a dirt brush for chain/gears. Finally two spare washers for my trailer attachment.

My bike came with a free bottle of touch up paint specifically for my bike. This will be great if I get any deep scratches that might rust without it.

bike stuff (5)


I like wearing gloves while biking so these will come along too:

bike stuff (6)


And finally a bike computer to keep track of my mileage and speed etc… These are simple to install but I will have the bike shop install it before I leave when they do their full pre-trip inspection:

bike stuff (3)


Only a month and a half to go before I leave. I still have to select my camping gear and establish a packing plan. I have a set of paper maps that correspond to my GPS maps that I will show in another blog. So keep your eyes out for more to come 🙂