Made it to Oklahoma.


I’m starting to look like the red clay here.

I’ve seen so many dead turtles on the side of the road. Poor critters. But I have seen some cool live lizards, ducks, gooses, birds, and a cat and dog.



And yes that is a rattlesnake a bird killed and stuffed in its nest šŸ˜€

This cat came to my tent to check on me this morning . He gave me, my tent, and gear a free cat scan. I paid him with some beef jerky to which he seemed to enjoy. The dog came just as I was leaving to show me the cats lab work. All was good and they sent me on my way. Such polite Oklahoma animals.


I suspect my dog Kyle sent out a request for a check up on the howl network.

Here is a video of me riding the interstate through Oklahoma…

I am currently in Clinton Oklahoma. Moving along. I believe I am about half way home now.