June 12th not a very nice day. I woke to my 7am alarm to find I had about 10 minutes to baton down the hatches. A huge storm rolled in. Green skies and scary clouds. Weather Apps all said nice clear skies all week. Well this is not that weatherman!

Hail, wind, rain, and falling trees. No siren though meaning no tornado supposedly.  I called Addie and she checked the weather and said today and tomorrow will be big storms.  I am considering renting a car to drive out of this big storm that is certainly not safe in a tent.

We shall see. This is my first storm with actual rain etc… since I started back in Santa Monica California.

Here are three videos I made as the storm progressed…



Round two is now blowing in at 9:30am. Going to see if I can stay here or get a rental car. Will let you all know what’s up soon.