I (Addie) was traveling back to the UP from a visit to Doc and my parent (while I was staying with a friend until we actually closed on our new home), and I was nearly to the Marquette-Negaunee-Ishpeming home stretch area, when I got to one of the passing lanes.  I was going to pass someone going about 10 or so under the speed limit, and just as I was thinking about gaining speed, I decided not to, as it looked like there might have been an accident or something.  There were a lot of vehicles pulled over on our side of the road… so I drove past carefully, and was thinking “odd, I don’t see any damaged cars and everyone who’s out of their vehicles is looking into the ….oh!!” and then I spotted a large dark blob in the bushes and taller vegetation on the edge-ish of the road.

Did I mention this happens to be in the 35 mile stretch on highway 28 that is marked with warnings on moose crossings?

So I pulled over, and wielded my camera and cell phone camera. I actually texted a few pictures to a few people who pulled over after it was in good position to take pictures.  They had lamented missing seeing it better or getting pictures, and I said I’d gladly share mine.

Here they are.  There are videos at the bottom of the post.