I have changed a few things around in my GloFish tank recently. I added new black rock with some multicolored glow rocks as well. The old rock all came out as it wasn’t quite right for the scene. We also moved some of the plants around and added several live plants to mix with the fake ones. I now have 9 GloFish, 6 short fin and 3 long fin. I also have 4 snails and 2 bristle nose plecos. My plecos should get to be around 6 inches eventually.



I also finally got to add my Sea Horse which arrived this week in the mail. 🙂


He looks very nice with my jelly fish…


Here is a look at the rest of my decor…


My wife Addie upgraded her 10 gallon tank to a 20 gallon and moved it into the living room. She got a new red led grow light for her live plants. She has a few guppies and some shrimp and snails in hers.