So we basically got roughly 14 inches of snow between 2-12-19 and 2-13-19.


6 inches on 2-12-19

8 inches on 21-13-19

addie's snow storm (8)

It has been a crazy winter here so far. Drastic temperature changes and lots of snow fall for sure. Then there is the ice!


Here is a quick video of our yard and surroundings…

There is just to much snow to put it all somewhere!

Here is Addie and Hailey next to the snow banks along our driveways:

Poor Kyle dogs whiskers froze on his walk but he doesn’t seem to care…


He says they are his adventure-cicles proving his toughness šŸ˜‰

We keep our fire hydrant dug out in case of a fire so the fire crew doesn’t lose time accessing it in an emergency.


Don’t worry though we are staying warm and comfy inside!