Missy Derby operates the local Book Mobile here in my town. She has been dreaming about setting up little free library stands around our neighborhood for awhile. So myself and some others such as Leslie Watson put out requests for donations of materials to make it happen.

I drew up a rough plan for how I was going to build them. Mostly in my head.


Dale and Craig Wilson donated the 2x6x8 needed to form the framework of the book kiosks.


Another lady (sadly forgot her name) donated the shingles along with my neighbor Jared who also donated a few…


Randy Linvel, and Sherwin Williams donated the paint needed to make them whimsical and protect them from the elements.

I myself purchased the screws, hinges, latches, 1/2inch plywood, 4×4 posts, caulk, liquid nails, paint brushes, brown wood stain sealant, and plastic for windows.

I then spent several days cutting and assembling the kiosks with the help of Hailey VanDinter.

Hailey’s kids, Georgiana and Finley, painted the posts and base with the stain.


Hailey and I worked on making the doors while the kids stained the posts. We cut out designs in the plywood with a jigsaw and sandwiched the plastic between the plywood. Added some caulk and screws to hold it together.

Now we have 4 kiosks ready for painting,


The kids from the local 4H group with the supervision of Desi Mims painted two of the kiosks…

My neighbor Christine and her son Atlas painted one as well.

Myself, Hailey, and Kaitlyn Varvil painted the remaining and did the final touch ups on all of them. Kaitlyn did most of the lettering…

Next we loaded them up into my truck with the help of Brice and Missy Derby. Then we went and installed them around our neighborhood.

Brice dug the holes, Missy helped me place the kiosks, I tamped the dirt as they filled the holes back in.

We setup 3 of the 4 so far and waiting for confirmation to setup the 4th.


One went up at the Sawyer Village office on Voodoo Ave.


The second went up on the corner of Voodoo and Dagger across from Macasau.


And the third went up on the corner of Stratocruiser and Aircobra.

The forth will be up soon. Hopefully by the local Health Care Center in the middle of our neighborhood.


We spent a lot of time building these and getting them installed. Many people pitched in to make this happen. Now it is up to the community to partake in the reading adventure.

Missy Derby from the Book Mobile will keep them stocked with books and I will do the maintenance as needed on them.

Thank you to all who helped with this project. We hope to raise some more money for materials to build several more this summer.