I developed a game to go with my mini libraries I built and setup all over my neighborhood. A scavenger hunt filled with riddles and author’s names and tons of prizes donated by local stores! Anyone in the K.I. Sawyer community can play for FREE!
Mini Library Scavenger Hunt Announcement
For K.I. Sawyer Residents ! ! !
What: Mini Library Scavenger hunt
When:August 4th-10th One whole week to play!
Win: Prizes (over $150 worth)
Game Rules:
1. Must collect 10 authors names in the CORRECT order
2. Do NOT share your answers anywhere
How to play:
1. Find the first riddle posted on the Sawyer Face Book pages to locate which mini library to start at. Then head there to find the next riddle.
2. There is an Author’s name inside the door of each mini library. Be sure to write the names down in the order the riddles have you collect them!
3. Each mini library has a riddle on the inside of door. This riddle tells you which mini library to go to next.
4. Collect all 10 names from the 10 mini libraries in proper order.
5. Your answers will be collected between 11am-11:30am August 10th at 906 Church.
6. The drawing of prizes will be from 11:30am-12pm at 906 Church, you must be present to win.
Find me near where snakes are in the sky and cruise ships fly… Which mini library am I?
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