I hiked the Picture Rocks National Lake Shore before back in 2011. I went from Grand Marais to Munising Falls. I wanted to re-hike it again now 8yrs later to see the changes and because it is an awesome trail with light to moderate difficulty.

I stayed out 5 nights and 6 days. This time I went from Munising Falls to Grand Marais. I started with a friend named Pete but after the first couple days he quit due to bad knees. The weather the entire trip was perfect. I met lots of nice and fun people along the way as well.

Here are the pictures from day 1. Stay tuned for the rest of the trip as well. There will be 6 total postings, one for each day complete with pictures and videos 🙂


Here we are at Munising Falls… We started by hiking around the falls then drove out to Miners Castle to start the hike.


So the hike to our first campsite was fairly easy. The views just get better as we go along.


We stayed at Potato Patch Campsite. I brought my hammock and Pete used my tent. Pete made a fire, cooked dinner, and basically went straight to sleep. I stayed up and hung out with two female hikers that shared the campsite with us. Lea and Alex.


We watched the sunset and talked about other hikes, gear, and trail cooking.

day 1 prt (29)

In the morning Pete found the pit toilet and was amazed by it.

day 1 prt (24)

He had never been backpacking before and found everything exciting.