UPDATE ON BICYCLE ACCIDENT:I still have a lot of pain in my elbow and wrist and the new metal plate is sore. I have to wear a brace for 3 more weeks. Then 6-12 months of physical therapy.

I have replaced just about all my gear and equipment now. Waiting for the insurance check to replace a couple items. Although I just put $3500 down on a new ICE Adventure Recumbent Trike myself but still need $3900 to pay off. Total replacement cost for just my trike and medical adaptions is $7329 plus tax. The insurance should be covering the costs of all my gear and trike. Hopefully I have my insurance check for equipment within the next 4-8 weeks according to lawyer. The medical costs are being paid by the VA and then billed to the truck company’s insurance as far as I know, VA has been sending me receipts saying paid. Any pain and suffering payment will take months to settle I’m told.