Every year I raise funds to get as many seniors in our community a gift bag of goodies. This year they are getting a custom mug with all kinds of things you would make in a mug like, cakes, teas, coffees, cider, and more. They also get a Christmas ornament, card with $10 and some other Knick knacks. This year we are reaching out to 46 seniors.

We also reached out to 6 families. We got them each a Christmas tree with lights and decorations, groceries containing all the trimmings of a traditional Christmas dinner, a family gift, and a $10 gift card for each child in the family.

Members of our community come together to help donate and assemble these gifts. We hand deliver the Senior gifts on Christmas Eve and the family gifts on the 23rd. We have Santa, Santa Grinch, a reindeer, and an Elf or two that help.

This year we are bringing some Christmas cheer to over 80 people in our community. We hope to keep adding more each year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!